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Training is a core component of every law enforcement agency, but effective delivery of that training can be challenging.  We specialize in developing and implementing high quality agency wide training that will ensure your members have the tools they need to deliver the highest quality policing services to the communities that they serve.


  • Training will satisfy PTC licensing requirements.

  • All members receive the same training. 

  • Cost effective.  Our fee is based on the days of training, not the number of officers. Fees start at $1450 per day. 

  • Highly respected and established instructors who are widely recognized in their area of expertise.

  • Customized training based on agency needs. 


  • Arrest, Search & Seizure

  • Criminal Law

  • Miranda

  • Attorney General Guidelines

  • Use of Force and De-Escalation

  • Domestic Violence

  • Juvenile Issues

  • Motor Vehicle Law

  • Drug Investigations

  • Financial Investigations

  • Defensive Tactics

  • Tactics for Patrol

  • First Line and Mid-Level Supervision

  • Resiliency 

  • Other

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Agency In-Service Training


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