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Supervising law enforcement professionals is unique and challenging. We designed several programs to help you meet the challenges you face regardless of your rank. Our classes range from one day to three days.


To be an effective police officer you need to possess a variety of skills. These courses focus on unique areas of law enforcement that present challenges to law enforcement.


To get that promotion you need the right training. Capt. Allen Bloodgood (Ret.) has had tremendous
success helping law enforcement professionals excel on their promotional exams and personally
developed each component of the program.


Although encountering juveniles and working with school officials is a routine, most officers don’t
understand the complex rules that govern these interactions. Our programs are designed to give
officers a solid foundation of knowledge in this crucial area.

Use of Force

Use of Force Courses

With increased scrutiny of law enforcement during use of force incidents it is imperative to stay current
with case law, use of force trends and training methods. Our programs will prepare you for the
challenges law enforcement professionals continue to face.

Case Law

Our Case Law for Cops series offers a wide range of classes to help you understand the “best practices”
in the areas of arrest, search & seizure, Miranda, and other critical areas when interacting with the


Officer Development

A true professional will always seek to further their knowledge. We have a wide range of classes to help officers grow professionally.


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